Working Papers

To Serve and Collect: The Fiscal and Racial Determinants of Law Enforcement
(with Thomas Stratmann and Alex Tabarrok)

Embezzlement, Whistleblowing, and Organizational Structure
(with Siyu Wang)

Identifying the Relationship between Length of Hospital Stay and the Probability of Readmission
(with Eili Y. Klein)

Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Payer-Mix and Utilization in Maryland Emergency Departments
(with Eili Klein, Scott Levin, Tim Xu, Matthew Toerper, Gai Cole, and Gabor Kelen)

Work in Progress

Roadway Fatalities and Law Enforcement: A joint effort with the Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(with Gregory DeAngelo, Imke Reimers, and Rick Ruddell)

Rule Enforcement and The Cost of Hypocrisy
(with Gregory DeAngelo and Bryan McCannon)

Leadership and Selective Criteria
(with Wafa Orman and Sandra Peart)

Compensating Differentials and Unusual Job Tasks
(with Babur De Los Santos and Kelsey Roberts)