I am currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Clemson University. Previously I have served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Towson University and the Center for Advanced Modeling at Johns Hopkins University. If I like you, I might tell you about my long ago two years as a public school teacher. My research agenda continues to coalesce into an economic investigation of social, legal, and political institutions. I am a methodologically promiscuous applied microeconomist who plays with data, laboratory experiments, and agent-based computational models to pursue interests in law enforcement, crime,  political economy, and clubs. Beyond my research life, I geek out over movies, tv, art, the Washington Capitals, and Tottenham Hotspur FC. I was once a competent hockey goalie with a solid glove hand and a surprising capacity to get my pads to the low corners, but now I wander the wasteland in search of a sport that can accommodate my ever deteriorating athleticism, or at least involves the occasional trip to the bar afterwards.