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Law Enforcement

To Serve and Collect: The Fiscal and Racial Determinants of Law Enforcement
Current Working Paper, Revising to Resubmit (with Thomas Stratmann and Alex Tabarrok)

Embezzlement, Whistleblowing, and Organizational Structure
Current Working Paper, Revising to Resubmit (with Siyu Wang)

Determinants of Traffic Citations: Political Economy at Any Speed 
American Economic Review, 2009 (with Thomas Stratmann)

Unemployment, Politics, and the Enforcement of Immigration Law
Public Choice, 2014 (with Thomas Stratmann)

More Tickets, Fewer Accidents: How Cash-Strapped Towns make for Safer Roads
Journal of Law and Economics, 2011 (with Thomas Stratmann) 

The Determinants of Federal and State Enforcement of Workplace Safety Regulations: OSHA Inspections 1993-2010
Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2014 (lead article, with Juergen Jung)

Club Goods and Religion 

Endogenous Group Formation through Unproductive Costs
Review of Economic Studies, 2013, (lead article, with Jason Aimone, Laurence Iannaccone, and Jared Rubin)

Emergent Extremism in a Multi-Agent Model of Religious Clubs
Economic Inquiry, 2012

Accidental Atheists: An Agent-based Model of Religious Regionalism 
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2007 (lead article, with Laurence R. Iannaccone)

Religion, Clubs, and Emergent Social Divides
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2011

A Theory of Liberal Churches
Mathematical Social Sciences, 2011

Politics and Power

The Evolution of Power and the Divergence of Cooperative Norms
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2016  (with Paul Smaldino) 

Education, Intelligence, and Attitude Extremity
Public Opinion Quarterly, 2015 (with Stephen Miller)

An Agent-Based Model of Centralized Institutions, Social Network Technology, and Revolution
PLoS One, 2013 (with Jared Rubin)

Political Costs and Fiscal Benefits: The Political Economy of Residential Property Value Assessment under Proposition 2 1/2
Economics Letters, 2013 (lead article, with Shane Sanders)