Media Appearances and References to My Work


“Criminal Justice and Excessive Fines” The Hamilton Project @ The Brookings Institute (C-SPAN, panel moderated by R. Nunn)

National Tax Foundation (interviewed by K. Padgett)         


Governing, by Mike Maciag [Revenue Driven Law Enforcement]

VoxEU (by me and Amanda Agan) [Minimum Wages and Crime]

The Atlantic Monthly [Revenue Driven Law Enforcement, brief reference]

New York Post [Minimum Wages and Crime]

Mother Jones [Revenue Driven Law Enforcement]

Fast Company, by Ben Schiller [Minimum wages and Crime]

Bloomberg View, by Noah Smith [Minimum wages and Crime]

New York Times, by me [OSHA audits]

Wall Street Journal, by Christopher Shea [Traffic Enforcement and Safety]

Slate, by Tom Vanderbilt [Traffic Enforcement and Revenue]

Boston Globe, by Eric Moskowitz [Traffic Enforcement and Revenue] 

New York Times, by Judy Chevalier [Traffic Enforcement and Revenue]

Chicago Tribune, by John Hilkevitch [Traffic Enforcement and Revenue]

The Atlantic Monthly, Primary Sources [Traffic Enforcement and Revenue]

The New Republic, by Zubin Jelveh [Traffic Enforcement and Revenue]


Wall Street Journal Economics Blog (10/3/18)

Oxford Press Blog (7/1/13)

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Marginal Revolution (9/13/18) (1/7/18) (2/17/11) (1/9/09) (2/20/07)

Business Week (9/4/2007)

Economist's View (9/02/07)

How We Drive (1/9/09) (11/15/08