A Proposal to End Regressive Taxation Through Law Enforcement
POLICY PROPOSAL 2019-06 The Hamilton Project, The Brookings Institute, 2019

To Serve and Collect: The Fiscal and Racial Determinants of Law Enforcement
Journal of Legal Studies, Forthcoming (with Thomas Stratmann and Alex Tabarrok)

Embezzlement, Whistleblowing, and Organizational Structure
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, forthcoming (with Siyu Wang)

Unemployment, Politics, and the Enforcement of Immigration Law
Public Choice, 2014, vol. 160, issue 1, pages 131-153 (with Thomas Stratmann)

The Determinants of Federal and State Enforcement of Workplace Safety Regulations: OSHA Inspections 1993-2010
Journal of Regulatory Economics, (2014), Volume 45, Issue 1, Pages 1- 33 (lead article) (with Juergen Jung)

Political Costs and Fiscal Benefits: The Political Economy of Residential Property Value Assessment under Proposition 2 1/2
Economics Letters, (2013), Volume 120,  Issue 3, pages 359-363 (lead article) (with Shane Sanders)

More Tickets, Fewer Accidents: How Cash-Strapped Towns make for Safer Roads
Journal of Law and Economics, (2011), Volume 54, Issue 4, pages 863-888 (with Thomas Stratmann) 

Determinants of Traffic Citations: Political Economy at Any Speed
American Economic Review, (2009), Volume 99, No.  1  (with Thomas Stratmann) 

Working Papers / Work in Progress

The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism
(with Amanda Agan)

Not as I Do: Hypocrisy Aversion and Optimal Punishment of Common Offenses
(with Gregory DeAngelo and Bryan McCannon)